How To Avoid Distractions When Working From Home

Isn’t it great to work from home? Working what ever hours you want, getting to meet friends and family more often, working from the comfort of your own home. However, there are also some pitfalls along with all these perks.

For many of us freelancers the biggest of these pitfalls is distraction. The phone ringing, friends dropping by unannounced, household chores. When working from home, we cannot afford to fall into these traps. Learning to avoid these distractions will help keep you on track, and keep you focused on your road to success.

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How To Beat Freelance Loneliness

Photo by 'bearscanbemean' on Deviant Art

Living the freelance life can be liberating and very fulfilling, however for many of us the freelancing blues will eventually hit.

As freelancers we spend a lot of our time alone at home or in our office, working with people we may never meet face to face, sometimes we never even hear their voice. It could be weeks at a time before we leave the house.

Having virtual friends and colleagues from all over the world is great, but there comes a time when we need to be around real people, no matter how introvert we are. Humans are after all social creatures!

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Email Etiquette Tips For Freelancers

As a freelance professional email is (probably) your primary mode of communication, and as such you cannot afford to be lax or careless about your email habits.

A well written email can convey to the recipient that you are a professional and mean business!

Below are a few tips on how to write professional, successful emails.

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International Freelancers Academy






I know it been a while since I last posted, but when I saw this email in my inbox this morning I as so excited!!

When the organisers of International Freelancers Day announced they would be doing something big to keep us interested during the other 364 days of the year, I never expected this!

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oDesk oConomy Hits $200 Million

I know I’m a few days late, but on Friday oDesk announced that it’s oConomy has reached a whopper of a milestone.

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Water Water Everywhere… My Contribution To Blog Action Day 2010

Water covers approximately two-thirds of the planet’s surface. Most of it is far too salty to use. Less than 3% of the water on Earth is suitable for use and about two-thirds of that is contained in the world’s icecaps and glaciers. Therefore about 1% of all the water on the planet is suitable for consumption and sanitation.

Obviously,the amount of safe water in the world is limited and according to charity: water a billion people (approx. 1 in 8 ) have no access to clean drinking water.

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Have you been asked to provide free samples on oDesk? Then Read On

Have you ever been asked for a free sample of work from an employer on oDesk? Sometimes it will be requested as part of the application process. But how do you avoid the dodgy employers who want to steal your samples and run without paying. Continue reading